The company will provide patients AI-powered conversations about their healthcare

The way we consume healthcare has changed exponentially in the last decade, mostly thanks to the smartphone. The ability to track our own health through apps and wearables has allowed people be in charge of their own care like never before, and there is an expectation of getting information quickly and easily. At the same time, there is more health information than ever before thanks to advancements in genomics, which makes it possible to analyze our genes, or basically our DNA, which make up genes, to understand our physiology. All that data is almost more than doctors can handle. So, we have patients who want to have their questions answered on-demand, and doctors who are already overburdened by data. There’s … [Read more]

Executive Relationship Marketing: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for any successful early-stage company

 Imagine what your company’s revenue would look like if you could arrange 10-15 meetings in 90 days with top C-Suite executives. This White Paper goes into depth on this sophisticated process.

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