Trying to obtain a meeting with C-Suite executives can be daunting. It can be the difference between an endless sales cycle, and a path to winning business. There are many barriers erected, such as voicemails, gatekeepers, and expressions of ‘I just don’t know you’. The ability to get the all-important ‘first meeting’ with the economic buyer, key stakeholder or influencer has never been more critical to your success.

Since 2002, The Unicorn Group has delivered consistent Executive Relationship Marketing results by arranging meetings with executives. We prepare you for these meetings, join you at the meetings, and provide effective follow-ups after. Over 100 clients have relied on us. We have helped technology startups, government contractors, blue-chip small businesses, and Fortune 1000 companies. In addition, we’re often called on to provide Business Advisory, Strategic Consulting, and Funding Readiness services.

At the core of each client engagement, is our unwavering commitment to listen to your needs. We gather the information and data necessary for business strategy and development. Next, we implement the business plan in order to achieve your stated goals whether it is business growth, funding strategies or development of a strong business strategy and operation.


‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown’ is a statement that has stood the test of time. Everyday leaders are challenged to address complex business challenges. The Unicorn Group understands these challenges. As a business advisor, we have the experience to work closely with you to develop and implement strategies for long term success. When you have a trusted third-party advisor, it takes the emotion out of any issues, resulting in effective solutions. Solving mission-critical business development problems takes Access, Experience, and Trust. These are the hallmarks of The Unicorn Group.

We believe that every business has its strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to work with you to showcase those strengths while providing best practices to fortify your business to mitigate weaknesses that can become counterproductive to your success.


To be nimble and agile is paramount to survival in today’s fast-paced business climate. We’re seasoned strategy consultant executives who understand how to listen to your needs. We collect the necessary data, formulate a strategy and align the objectives with the necessary executive relationships. Then we drive the implementation to achieve results. Whether it’s securing key lighthouse accounts, opening new markets, or preparing you to access much-needed capital, The Unicorn Group is your ‘go-to’ source to help you reach your goals.


Is your company in search of much-needed capital? The Unicorn Group is comprised of experienced consultants in business funding. We’ll guide you in preparing to attract debt or equity capital from Banks, Angels, Venture Capitalists, or Private Equity firms. Each of our clients will also have the necessary Executive Summary, Slide Presentation and Business Plan. In order for you to feel confident, we’ll conduct mock interviews. These give you the confidence to tell your story in a compelling way to attract interest from the right funding sources.

Success Stories

Corporate Win

A Fortune 500 media and entertainment company retained The Unicorn Group to lead an effort to win a multi-year $200 million contract. They successfully beat a high performing incumbent to achieve the goal while working with all executives, key stakeholders, and influencers.

Small Business Win

A blue-chip professional services small business asked The Unicorn Group to take the lead in the business development strategy and implementation. This resulted in the successful win of a contract with the world’s largest automaker.

Successful Client Exit

A $48 million government contractor retained The Unicorn Group to assist in building the business development pipeline and sourcing potential acquisition targets with disruptive technologies to position the company for a potential exit. The client was ultimately acquired.

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Executive Relationship Marketing: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for any successful early-stage company

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