Client Testimonials

Jay Tokosch 

Co-Founder & Former CEO, Core-Apps

Founder & CEO, NoteAffect

“We work with Unicorn because of John Aggrey and his connections, with regards to the Education space and just knowing what’s in tune and what’s going on in regards to Education Technology. John has been a big help in connecting me and help guide me with regards to my product, as well as, make introductions to the right people within the Education space. I find John Aggrey and The Unicorn Group to be a perfect fit if you are looking for someone who knows the Education industry, knows about technology, has the right contacts, and you want someone who is professional to work with you.”

“Positioning our patented technology solution to senior law enforcement officials and first responders takes a certain skill. They were there every step of the way and delivered results. They even got us a write up in The Boston Globe newspaper! They’re the best.”

CHRIS KADOCH, Former CO-Founder & CEO C-Media Corp

Keith Deaven

Co-Founder & CEO, Media Barn

“I just want to let you all know what an incredible company John has built there with The Unicorn Group. I am always amazed every time I go out with him (John Aggrey), the number of people that he knows, and how he has turned that incredible network of his into a fantastic business model that has made him and his client’s very very successful. I can’t say enough great things about him.”

“Over the past four years, I’ve successfully used Unicorn on a number of my businesses. When it comes to pipeline development, or engaging with a customer throughout the entire sales process, Unicorn is as good as it gets. The executive-level contacts that were made and the quality leads that were generated due to Unicorn’s diligence were remarkable. I highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat.”

JAMES L. SPEROS, CEO Speros Ventures, LLC

Danyetta Magana

CEO & Founder, Covenant Security Solutions

I am here to let you know about a great company called The Unicorn Group. We have had the pleasure to work with John Aggrey and his team, over many years, and we have been very impressed with not only their deep connections with Federal and Corporate but also their expertise that they have been able to provide us over the years. So, we would highly recommend this organization to any company looking and seeking expansion, as well as, looking to be able to change their markets (and) understand what is going on. John Aggrey and The Unicorn Group provide that to you wonderfully.

“If you have an emerging technology company, and a clear exit is not in site, you need Unicorn.”


David Ryan

Executive Director, Salisbury-Wicomico Economic Development Inc.

We have been able to increase our leads, establish strong connections with key decision-makers thanks to our relationship with The Unicorn Group. It’s a relationship we value, it’s meaningful, and we look forward to strengthening that relationship for many years to come.

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