Machine learning will empower eCommerce retailers to adapt and react to changing market conditions with unparalleled accuracy. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ll have heard about the defeat of the world’s greatest Go player at the hands of an artificially intelligent algorithm developed by Google. A Go tournament is a great exhibition of the distance AI research has come, but it’s in industry and business that AI will have the greatest impact over the next decade. While they’re nowhere near creating the human-like intelligences promised by science fiction, computer scientists are applying machine learning and other so-called cognitive technologies with human-like abilities within specific domains, including eCommerce. Developments in cognitive technology will provide adaptive, interactive, and contextual systems for improving automated decision-making across the eCommerce domain, allowing retailers to create eCommerce experiences tailored for individual consumers in a way that has only been possible in a clumsy and inaccurate fashion up to now —

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