Some ideas: Aim for two to three new ideas; plan; set aside a day to plan

What’s missing from this list?  Start-up money Advisers Business plan Product Workers Location Market Give up? How about a strategic plan? And no, having a business plan is not the same thing. Your business plan covers the “who,” “what” and “why” of your business.  Your strategic plan, on the other hand, covers the “how” and the “when.” It’s the action plan for your business, setting out tasks, goals, resources and a timeline for achievement as well as the metrics you use to measure your performance. Who makes up the strategic planning team? In the startup environment, many new businesses don’t have teams of executives, managers and workers. Maybe you and two or three people are in on the ground floor. … [Read more]

Executive Relationship Marketing: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for any successful early-stage company

 Imagine what your company’s revenue would look like if you could arrange 10-15 meetings in 90 days with top C-Suite executives. This White Paper goes into depth on this sophisticated process.

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