Nearly 1 out of 10 said ‘team’ was the most important criteria; read on to see the rest

For the last two years, Vator has been interviewing investors putting money into early stage companies, meaning anything from pre-seed to Series A, in the Meet the VC series. In that time, we’ve interviewed 93 investors, and we’ve been able to gather their thoughts on the venture capital ecosystem, what they like to invest in and how they became part of the VC world. One of the most important questions we ask is, “What do you look for in companies that you put money in? What are the most important qualities?” There have been many different answers to this question, but the main themes have remained remarkably similar, with two or three theme emerging consistently across nearly every VC we talked … [Read more]

Executive Relationship Marketing: The ‘Secret Sauce’ for any successful early-stage company

 Imagine what your company’s revenue would look like if you could arrange 10-15 meetings in 90 days with top C-Suite executives. This White Paper goes into depth on this sophisticated process.

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